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For a mother, the safety of her infant is the prime concern. Ensuring the safety of your kid in a crowded area or a public place is not an easy task. You need something extraordinary.

Are you looking for safe and secure yet cute stroller locks? Below is the solution of your problem!

Buggyguard offers wide and one of the latest collections of 2012.

The Buggyguard is formed for moms looking for an effective and reliable protection product for toddlers. View the latest collection of 2012 of decorative and trendy anti-theft retractable stroller locks.

All our locks are designed as per the specific needs and proficient mechanism to ensure unmatched security of your investment. Moms will be happy with our collection of cute characters or decorative locks that are creatively designed by the experts. Our Stroller lock will effectively protect your investment which guarantees complete peace of mind.

The cute companions and designer decos help you to focus on special one and matters a lot for your baby! Our collection of stroller is especially engineered or crafted for protective, smart security and active or busy parents. The every Buggyguard has a universal attachment feature. It has a push button retraction with a four foot 2.4mm stainless cables and three digit re-arranging combinations. We offer b- hooks that are perfect for bicycle lock, strollers, shopping bags, bag packs, golf bags and much more.

Moms can lock the stroller to any motionless object including bench, post, rod, fence and many more. Moreover, you can also lock the stroller itself by looping through the wheels. Every Buggyguard is indulged with three bows. Each Buggyguard is designed by keeping the taste and requirements of kid and parents.

Our collection consists of , monkey, panda, hippo, piggy, Froggy, Deco heart, Deco orange, Deco black, b-hook pink, b-hook white, b-hook black and many more. Our accessories offer unconditional durability and long lasting utilization.

We understand that investing in appropriate and durable stroller lock is quite an important decision for parents. This is why, we offer you the best one which perfectly suits to your taste, needs and budget.

Just have a look of 2012 collection!

Call us at toll free number –1.800.505.0648

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